Access Your Body Wisdom Program Overview

Imagine if every time you got sick or hurt, you were able to view it as information from your body about what’s really going on in your emotional world.  Now imagine being able to USE that information to effectively prioritize and focus. Access Your Body Wisdom is a practical system that allows us to harness the power of Emotional Anatomy so that we can do just that.

The overall outcome of the program is a foundational shift in the way participants understand and interact with their own bodies and health, allowing them to maintain a holistic lifestyle of ease and vitality.

Rachel Goldberg is a Reiki Master Teacher with over a decade of experience in holistic health and wellness, in addition to fourteen years of experience in experiential formal education and experiential curriculum design. In this program she has integrated ancient technologies from all over the world into one practical system for modern day living. After seeing her own health suffer from the stress and high demand she experienced as an executive level leader in a non-profit organization, she saw a need for a program like this one that teaches powerful professional women like her how to listen to their own bodies and prevent unnecessary distress.

The Access Your Body Wisdom system is practical, and the program is designed to ensure participants really learn the course content and integrate it into their lives.

Upon Completion of the program participants will:

  • Be able to define Emotional Anatomy and use it to assess their physical & emotional health.
  • Be able to name the seven major aspects of Emotional health and identify where they are carried in the human body.
  • Be able to demonstrate mastery of specific techniques and exercises that address distress in each of the seven areas.
  • Be able to apply the appropriate technique to their own specific needs as they arise throughout their day-to-day life experience.

Through mastery of the Access Your Body Wisdom system, participants also become sensitive to the emotional anatomy of others, enabling them to show up more effectively as leaders, teammates, parents, partners, & friends.


Virtual Course: 

In this thirteen module course, participants have lifelong access to all course materials including printable downloads, worksheets, and video lessons.

Participants also engage in group Q&A calls where they can receive direct coaching from Rachel to help them apply the course content to their own lives and identify which tools they can use to address whatever specific challenges arise for them throughout our time together. These calls are recorded.

In addition to the Q&A calls, participants engage in a private online forum with each other where they build relationships and receive 24 hour support for their peers and our team.

Though this is an education experience in nature, it is also intentionally designed to facilitate new friendships and act as an ongoing support net to all participants.

Occasionally, Rachel will introduce the group to guest experts and bonus modules that relate to their specific needs.

LIVE Retreat:

In this format participants spend THREE full days completely unplugged from the demands of their every day life. This immersive experience allows participants to deeply connect with themselves and have a clear and experiential connection with the material. Participants also get to witness the profound insight, connection, and healing that the Access Your Body Wisdom system enables for their peers.

The thirteen learning modules are spread out over the three days and interspersed with personal reflection time outside in nature, one-on-one time with facilitators, and three communal meals each day.

In addition to the thirteen Access Your Body Wisdom modules, this version of the program is enriched with experiential segments by somatic exercise specialists; these segments may include yoga, ecstatic dance, and authentic movement.

Participants in this three day immersion form bonds with one another that last long beyond the actual event.


While each version of the program meets the same overall objective, they provide two very different experiences & we highly encourage participation in BOTH.

Curious about the investment or how to enroll?
Contact our office for more information:

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